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The Jew as World Parasite

In this war for the very existence of the German people, we must daily remind ourselves that Jewry unleashed this war against us. It makes no difference if the Jew conceals himself as a Bolshevist or a plutocrat, a Freemason, or uses some other form of concealment, or even appears without any mask at all: he always remains the same. He is the one who so agitated and spiritually influenced the peoples that stand against us today such that they have become more or less tools of International Jewry, lacking their own will.

The ways in which the Jew has brought large peoples and states against us has already been made clear in two previous pamphlets, The Fateful Battle in the East and Europe and America. These proved the case for those two states. Both are, therefore, the intellectual predecessors of this pamphlet, The Jew as World Parasite, At the beginning of the war's sixth year, we may not permit ourselves to neglect the Jewish question in any way. First of all, we must always combat the remnants of past education, the once general view, in which Jewry is seen only as a religious denomination. Instead, the racial mixture that is Jewry must be emphasized. The religious beliefs of the the Jews are completely irrelevant. Instead, we must focus solely on blood, on the racial foundation.


Fourth resident finds swastika in mailbox

A fourth Austin resident reported finding a swastika on a piece of paper in his mailbox.

The man told police he believed the paper was put in the mailbox between 5 p.m. Wednesday and 5 p.m. Thursday at his home in the 800 block of 23rd Street Southwest, Police Chief Paul Philipp said.

Two residents living in the 1400 block of 24th Avenue Southwest and one in the 2200 block of 14th Street Southwest each reported Thursday finding in their mailbox a white piece of paper with the Nazi symbol drawn on it.

One of the residents reported a racial slur and profanity also were written on the paper.

Police don't not know why the residents were targeted.


Why the Aryan Law? A Contribution to the Jewish Question

In 1793 the famous philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte, author of "Speeches to the German Nation," wrote a pamphlet titled "A Contribution to Correcting Judgments about the French Revolution." It contained the following significant sentence:

"In nearly all the nations of Europe, a powerful, hostile government is growing, and is at war with all the others, and sometimes oppresses the people in dreadful ways: It is Jewry!"

The French Revolution, with its "ideas for the improvement of humanity" thundered past, and in the noise the people who had believed in world brotherhood entirely missed this serious warning. What Fichte warned the word about then has today become fact in nearly all the nations of the world. The Jewish people, once only tolerated, knew how to raise a hue and cry about discrimination and persecution, winning the sympathy of the world for the "poor Jews." They increasingly infiltrated deep within our national organism, growing to have power over every single area of our national life. The old saga, the "Edda," observes that one blocks a river at its source. The failure to do that was the great mistake of the German people. Thank God, it is not too late. Our Führer Adolf Hitler recognized the importance of the problem for Germany's rebirth, and outlined its solution in his program.

Martin Luther wrote this of the Jews in his book "The Jews and their Lies": "They hold we Christians captive in our own land. They have seized our goods by their cursed usury, they mock and insult us because we work. They are our lords, and we and our goods belong to them." If in the coming days the Jewish race is driven out of the non-Jewish world, it will have at least this consolation: It has made clear to them for all time the value of maintaining the purity of race and blood in clear, understandable and unforgettable ways.


Bernie Madoff Brutally Beaten In Prison

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Germans dig up coffin of neo-Nazi after tip-off it was draped in swastika flag

Police dug up the freshly buried coffin of a neo-Nazi activist in Germany because it was draped with a swastika flag.

Publicly displaying any symbols of Hitler’s regime is strictly prohibited in Germany – apparently even in the afterlife.

Officials heard that seconds before the coffin bearing Friedhelm Busse was lowered into consecrated ground at Passau on Saturday, a neo-Nazi fan wreathed his coffin in a WW2 ‘battle flag’ which has a huge swastika in its centre.

Busse, the last leader of the Free German Labour Party which was outlawed in 1995, went to his grave wrapped up in the symbol he loved.

But not for long.

Passau senior prosecutor Helmut Walch said the grave was exhumed soon afterwards and the flag removed. The far-right skinhead who placed it there was arrested and charged with carrying a banned object.

Reporters said the flag was cast on the grave by Thomas Wulff, an activist in the far-right National Democratic Party NPD. If he were convicted of displaying an "unconstitutional symbol," he could face a fine or up to three years in jail.

Walch said an inquiry was continuing into the violence by 90 admirers of Busse against anti-Nazi groups who were observing them at the Passau cemetery and against police who intervened.

A Mongolian woman was later attacked in the Passau downtown area, apparently because of her appearance.

Germ any's national council of Jews was among groups which voiced outrage that the racists had been able to terrorize people.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swastika Shows Up as Number 1

We've see a lot of crazy search trends on Google and other online search engines, but nothing prepared us for the shocking number one search trend that we saw on Google's list of top search terms this morning: a Swastika, the Hindu-symbol-of-peace that was then hijacked by the Nazis and mostly now symbolizes....Nazis, neo or otherwise.

We first saw news of this on the Drudge Report, which has a screenshot of the symbol appearing as the number one search term. By the time we got to the page, however, it was already down to number 3 (as you can see from our above screen shot, taken this AM).

How one even creates a swastika with a computer is beyond us -- though we guess you could just cut and paste it into the search field -- but this is no doubt the work of hackers or some sort of neo-Nazi Google bomb. I DOUBT THAT...PEOPLE ARE FASCINATED WITH THE SYMBOL.

When you click on the term on the Google Hot Trends page, you get a bunch of links in Chinese, so could it just be something random and coincidental, or some kind of Chinese character we're misreading? We're not so sure: Pretty much all of the Chinese-language links you get when you actually click on the symbol refer to the word swastika. Maybe there was some big article about swastikas on the news in China today? We also looked up the swastika character in a Chinese character dictionary, and it means

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Aryan Genius

Armed with slightly more than wax and a few feathers, Yves Rossy has taken to the skies to show Icarus how it should be done.

Swooping and diving above the mountainous town of Bex in western Switzerland, the self-styled "Rocket Man" flew at 8,200ft for more than five minutes thanks to an 8ft jet-powered wing strapped to his back.

It has always been Mr Rossy's ambition to fly freely, but it has taken four years of working on his jet design for that dream to become reality.

To achieve his bird-like status, the former Swiss fighter pilot was taken up in a light aircraft, just like a normal skydiver.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

National Socialist Racial Policy

When Germans come together today to discuss the things that concern us both as individuals and as a nation, it is a solemn occasion, whether we wish it to be or not. During the political struggles of the past, we could speak of party programs or of civilization without any involvement of our soul.

Now we have forgotten how to approach an issue merely with our understanding, merely with our mouth, merely with our heart. We have become whole people once again. When we speak with others, we do so with our full being.


Friday, May 9, 2008

National Socialists in German sporting hall of fame

A German sporting hall of fame has included five former Nazi Party members - but has ignored famous names such as Michael Schumacher and Boris Becker.

Deutsche Sporthilfe, the German sports foundation, set up the pantheon of 40 sports men and women in an effort to encourage youngsters to take up sport.

But the project, which was inaugurated by President Horst Köhler earlier this week, has been dubbed the “Hall of Shame” for its inclusion of Nazi figures.

They include Sepp Herberger, who was Germany’s football manager during the rein of Adolf Hitler, who often used sport for propaganda purposes.

Others include Josef Neckermann, an Olympic riding champion and former Nazi party member, Willi Daume, a former member of the International Olympic Committee member, and Gustav Kilian, a cyclist.

Criticism of the list was met with an angry response from organisers, who said “sport was no better than society”.

“These people led a life after the Nazi era and in some cases they went on to receive awards of merit for the contributions to society,” said Hans Joachim Eltz, a spokesman for Sporthilfe.

The panel of sports officials and journalists, led by Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Interior Minister, was also criticised for including only three women and one sportsman from the former East Germany.

Among the anti-Nazi figures included on the list were Albert Richter, a cycling champion who refused to wear a swastika while competing, and Werner Seelenbinder, a wrestler executed in 1944 for his links to the anti-Nazi resistance.

Organisers plan to add three athletes to the list each year.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


German regime bans two dissident organizations

German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble shut
down two far-right organizations on grounds that they deny the Holocaust® took place.

The minister accused the groups of being "reservoirs of organized Holocaust deniers" who distribute anti-Semitic propaganda and praise the Nazis over the Internet.

Authorities raided 30 locations looking for evidence early on Wednesday, May 7, taking evidence with them, a statement from Schaeuble said.

Upholding 'democratic principles'

"Rightwing extremism has many faces, among them young neo-Nazis and similarly old Nazis," Schaeuble said. "They have in common their rejection of our free democratic principles."

Collegium Humanum (CH) and its subsidiary organization, Bauernhilfe (Aid to Farmers), were the two groups identified by the Interior Ministry. The CH was founded in the 1960s and has long been monitored by domestic security services.

A third related group, the VRBHV, was described as working to
"rehabilitate those persecuted for denying the Holocaust®."

They have their bases in the western German states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Hessen.

State brings 'arson' charge

The state was obliged to use its powers, as these "moral arsonists" were the breeding ground for racist violence, Schaeuble said.

German law prohibits inciting hatred or denying the atrocities committed by Nazis, which include the [alleged] murder of six million Jews in Europe during World War II.

Germany led a push within Europe to pass legislation which made inciting racism and xenophobia a crime throughout its 27 member states.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


A Fight for Freedom



"Folkish" associations planned to hold a so-called "German Day" in Coburg. I myself received an invitation to it, remarking that it would be desirable for me to bring an escort. This request, which I received at 11 o'clock in the morning, came very opportunely.

An hour later the arrangements for attending this "German Day" had been issued. As an "escort" I appointed 800 men of the SA. We arranged to transport them in pproximately 14 companies by special train to the little city that had become [part of the state of Bavaria]. Similar orders went out to National Socialist SA groups which had meanwhile been formed in other places.

It was the first time that such a special train was used in Germany. At all towns where new SA men got on, the transport aroused much attention. Many people had never seen our flags before; the impression they made was very great.

When we arrived at the Coburg station, we were received by a delegation of organizers of the "German Day," which conveyed to us an order from the local trade unions—in other words from the [Marxist] Independent and Communist Party—to the effect that we were forbidden to enter the town with flags unfurled, or with music (we had taken along a 42-piece band of our own), or to march in a solid column.

I at once flatly rejected these disgraceful conditions and did not fail to express to the gentlement present, the organizers of this congress, my surprise that they had carried on negotiations with these people and entered into agreements. I declared that the SA would immediately line up in companies and march into the city with resounding music and flags flying.

And that is just what happened.

On the square in front of the railroad station we were received by a howling,shrieking mob numbering thousands. "Murders," "bandits," "robbers," "criminals," were the lovely names which the model founders of the German Republic affectionately showered on us. The young SA kept exemplary order. The companies formed on the square in front of the station, and at first took no notice of the vulgar abuse.

In the city that was strange to all of us, frightened police officials led the marching column, not—as arranged—to our quarters, a shooting gallery situated on the
outskirts of Coburg, but to the Hofbräuhauskeller, near the center of the city. To left and right of the procession, the uproar of the masses of people accompanying us increased more and more.

Hardly had the last company turned into the courtyard of the Keller than great masses, amid deafening cries, tried to crowd in after us. To prevent this, the police locked the Keller. Since this state of affairs was intolerable, I had the SA line up once again, gave them a brief speech of admonition, and demanded that the police open the gates immediately. After a long hesitation, they yielded.

To get to our quarters, we marched back the way we had come, and now at last a stand had to be taken.

After they had been unable to disturb the poise of our companies by cries and insults, the representatives of true socialism, equality and fraternity had recourse to stones. At this our patience was at an end, and so for 10 whole minutes a devastating hail fell from left and right—and a quarter of an hour later, there was
nothing red to be seen in the streets.

In the evening there were serious clashes again. Some National Socialists had been assaulted singly, and patrols of the SA found them in a terrible condition. Thereupon we made short shrift of our foes. By next morning the Red terror, under which Coburg had suffered for years, had been broken.

With real Marxist-Jewish lies they now attempted to harry the "comrades of the international proletariat" back into the streets, by totally twisting the facts and maintaining that our "bands of murderers" had begun a "war of extermination against peaceful workers" in Coburg. The great "demonstration of the people"— which it was hoped, tens of thousands of workers from the whole vicinity would attend—was set for half-past one.

Therefore, firmly resolved to dispose of the Red terror for good, I ordered the SA—which had meanwhile swollen to nearly one and a half thousand men—to line up, and set out with them on the march for the Coburg Fortress, by way of the great square on which the Red demonstration was to take place. I wanted to see whether they would dare molest us again.

When we entered the square, only a few hundred were present, instead of the announced 10,000, and at our approach they kept generally quiet, and some ran away. Only at a few points did Red troops—who had meanwhile come from the outside and who did not yet know us—try to pester us again.

But in the twinkling of an eye, all their enthusiasm was spoiled. And now it could be seen how the frightened and intimidated population slowly woke up and took courage and ventured to shout greetings to us, and in the evening, as we were marching off, broke into spontaneous cheering in many places.

At the station the railroad men suddenly informed us that they would not run the train. Thereupon I notifed a few of the ringleaders that in that case I planned to round up whatever Red bosses fell into my hands, and that we ould run the train ourselves. We would, however, take along a few dozen of the brother of international solidarity on the locomotive and tender and in every car.

Nor did I fail to call it to the gentlemen's attention that the trip with our own forces would, of course, be an extremely risky undertaking and that it could not be ruled out that the whole lot of us would break our necks and bones. But anyway, in that case, we would be delighted to leave for the Hereafter, not alone, but in equality and fraternity with the Red gentlemen.

Thereupon the train departed with the utmost punctuality, and we were back in Munich safe and sound the following morning.

Thus, for the first time since 1914, the equality of citizens before the law was re-established in Cobur. For if today some simpleton of a higher official ventures the assertion that the state protects the lives of its citizens, this was certainly ot
the case at that time; for at that time the citizens had to defend themselves against the representatives of the present-day state.

From Mein Kampf, pp. 548-551, Houghton Mifflin edition*

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

National Socialists remember Hitler worldwide

"It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my Spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right."

So spoke Adolf Hitler shortly before his death April 30, 1945.

Sixty-three years later, National Socialists around the world — from Munich to Milwaukee, from Helsinki to Houston, from St. Louis to St. Petersburg — paused Wednesday to remember the remarkable figure who sacrificed his life in the closing days of World War II.

Recalling his final words, they stood in homes, offices and workplaces at the exact hour of his death to pay silent tribute for 88 seconds to the Führer, whom they consider immortal.

Some lit candles. Some brought out banners and pictures of the Leader. Still others simply stood silently and saluted.

In remarks for the occasion, the head of the World Union of National Socialists and the NEW ORDER, Matt Koehl, called the death of Hitler "the fulfillment of an earthly mission in the struggle for a better world yet to come."

"[The German Leader] lived for Aryankind. He died for Aryankind. And only now are we beginning to understand who it actually was who stood in our midst a few short decades ago."

The Hitler commemoration is the second in a three-part cycle honoring the birth, death and spiritual resurrection of the Führer through his Movement.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Six Israelis make list of 50 richest people in Britain

Six Israelis are among the fifty richest people in the United Kingdom, according to a report released by the Sunday Times.

Sammy and Eyal Ofer head the list of Israelis and are in 15th place overall with a total worth of 3.4 billion pounds. Lev Leviev, who only recently left Israel for London is ranked 21st with 2.5 billion pounds to his name.

Some lesser known Israeli tycoons also cracked the top 50, including Benny Steinmetz and brothers Eddie and Saul Zakai.

Of the top 20 richest billionaires on the list, only 6 were born in the U.K. Many of the tycoons, including Jewish Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich and Leviev, made their fortunes in Russia, after the fall of the Soviet Union.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jews want to ban democratic party

Germany's main Jewish lobby group has urged politicians considering a bid to ban the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) to "wake up" to the threat to German democracy.

The Central Council of Jews says the growing respectability of the NPD is fuelling right-wing radicalism more than 60 years after World War Two and the Holocaust.

"Politicians must wake up at last," Stephan Kramer, general-secretary of the council, told Reuters.

"We need a signal to make clear the NPD is trying to destroy Germany and its democratic principles."

Germany's Office for the Protection of the Constitution says the NPD is racist, anti-Semitic and revisionist and that its statements prove its inspiration comes from the Nazis.

The NPD has about 7,000 members and has seats in two regional state parliaments, both in the former communist East.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

German advertiser breaks Hitler taboo

A hat company has broken a German taboo by advertising its products using an image of Adolf Hitler.

Advert for Hut Weber, featuring the Adolph Hitler's iconic hair and moustache
The advert marks the first time that an image of Hitler has been used out of a historical context in Germany

The campaign for the Hut Weber company places the iconic hair and moustache of the Nazi leader next to a bowler-hatted sketch of Charlie Chaplin, star of The Great Dictator, with the caption in English: "It's the hat."

Created by the Serviceplan agency, the advertisement is groundbreaking because the taboo of using Hitler in any other context but a historical one would have been unthinkable until now.

The advertisement has generated controversy although many young people writing in internet forums have expressed their approval.

Germany has taken great steps in the past to ensure Hitler-related material does not go on sale in the country.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Solving the Jewish Question

As a result of the victory of the National Socialist revolution, the Jewish Question has become a problem for those who never before thought about solving the Jewish Question, who never fought to solve it. Everyone has seen that the current situation is intolerable. Allowing free development and equality for the Jews has led to an "unfree" situation of exploited competition, and to a handing over of important positions within the German people to those of a foreign race.

The result is that anyone who thinks about this question looks for a solution. Everyone has a proposal on his desk, which gets a more or less favorable reaction in discussions. That was to be expected.

But the solution to so important a problem is not as easy as is often supposed.

The legal measures that have just been issued by the government are cleansing actions that adroitly respond to Judah's declaration of war. Primarily, the laws provide a direction in which to move. One should not underestimate the significance of these laws. The entire people will be educated about the Jewish Question, and will come to understand that a people's community is a community of blood. For the first time, they will be reached by racial thinking, and will be focused not on theoretical solutions to the Jewish Question, but rather on a real solution.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tomorrow Belongs to Us

NS Principles

Life without purpose is mere existence. As such it has no meaning or value. It is worthless. It is of no consequence. It doesn't count.

Today most people exist as mere protoplasmic blobs. Spiritually and actually they are zeroes, nobodies—zilch. They are not true people, but zombies.

These walking dead have but one concern: to "feel good," "be happy," and go along with the brainless herd. But that is not a purpose—it is merely an excuse for somnambulism and selfishness. It has no enduring value for the future.

Indeed, the aspirations of such sleepwalkers can be compared to those of a slug or a mosquito. In each instance there is nothing more than an inane quest for creature comfort and ego-gratification. The only difference is that humanoids do it in a dead-end, produce/consume society.

Today's artificial, materialistic, multicultural, Politically Correct, neo-Bolshevik, hee-haw society can, in fact, offer no higher purpose. It can only serve up decadence, degeneracy, disintegration, alienation and—ultimately—death.

There is an alternative, however. There is a purpose that can transform mere existence into real, creative living and give meaning to the life of the individual.

Such purpose involves commitment to something greater than one's petty self. That something lies in the immanent reality manifest in race and blood. In the natural community of one's own kind and in the upward striving of Aryan mankind toward a better world, we recognize a purpose truly worthy of our highest aspiration and commitment.

We call this concept racial idealism.

And it all begins with an honest recognition of one's received identity and heritage as part of a larger group of similarly created beings. Only then does individual alienation disappear. Only then does life acquire worth and meaning. Only then does one become a true person. Only then is there the possibility of genuine personal fulfillment and satisfaction as the salutary by-product of a higher purpose.

There is a cause which makes it all possible. If you believe there is more to life than mere self-fixation, the rat race and a big sleepwalk, if you want to make your life count—if you want to give it real meaning and value—then you should find out about this cause.

The Young Hitler I Knew

August Kubizek met Adolf Hitler in 1904 while they were both competing for standing room at the opera. Their mutual passion for music created a strong bond, and over the next four years they became close friends. Kubizek describes a reticent young man, painfully shy, yet capable of bursting into hysterical fits of anger if anyone disagreed with him. The two boys would often talk for hours on end; Hitler found Kubizek to be a very good listener, a worthy confidant to his hopes and dreams. In 1908, Kubizek moved to Vienna and shared a room with Hitler at 29 Stumpergasse. During this time, Hitler tried to get into art school, but he was unsuccessful. With his money fast running out, he found himself sinking to the lower depths of the city: an unkind world of isolation and 'constant unappeasable hunger'. Hitler moved out of the flat in November, without leaving a forwarding address; Kubizek did not meet his friend again until 1938. "Adolf Hitler, My Friend" tells the story of an extraordinary friendship, and gives fascinating insight into Hitler's character during these formative years.

This is the first edition to be published in English since 1955 and it corrects many changes made for reasons of political correctness. It also includes important sections which were excised from the original English translation.

Buy Here

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Power of an Idea

Aryan ideals behind Olympic flame

The ceremony played out on the streets of Paris yesterday did not originate in ancient Greece, nor even in the 19th century, when the Olympic movement was revived. The entire ritual, with its pagan overtones, was devised by a German named Dr Carl Diem, who ran the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

Although he was not a Nazi, and was appointed to run the Olympics before the Nazis came to power, Diem adapted very quickly to the new regime, and ended the war as a fanatical military commander exhorting teenage Germans to die like Spartans rather than accept defeat. Thousands did, but not Diem, who lived to be 80.

He sold to Josef Goebbels – in charge of media coverage of the Games – the idea that 3,422 young Aryan runners should carry burning torches along the 3,422km route from the Temple of Hera on Mount Olympus to the stadium in Berlin.

It was his idea that the flame should be lit under the supervision of a High Priestess, using mirrors to concentrate the sun's rays, and passed from torch to torch along the way, so that when it arrived in the Berlin stadium it would have a quasi-sacred purity.


The Art of Propaganda

By Commander Lincoln Rockwell

If each of the men in the fable about the blind men and the elephant were required to construct a model of an elephant, there would be three very different models. The blind man who felt only the tail would build a model as he described an elephant in the fable -- as "a sort of rope." The blind man who felt the leg and said an elephant was like a tree would produce a tree-like "elephant," while the man who felt only the trunk would construct his "elephant" like a snake.

Most men I have met in politics consider themselves automatically experts in the field of propaganda. But almost all of them make the same type of basic error in their propaganda as did the blind men in describing and reconstructing an elephant; both suffer from insufficient experience with the subject. A right-wing businessman, when he gets sick, doesn't try to doctor himself, nor does he try to practice law himself, nor does he even try to do his own advertising. He hires professional experts to do these highly technical jobs for him. But when that same right-wing businessman wants to move the people of a whole nation to an understanding of our national peril, he doesn't hesitate to spend relatively huge sums trying to write and produce his own amateur propaganda. In almost every case he produces propaganda which he likes, completely forgetting in his political excitement that the art of propaganda (and advertising) is not in producing that which one likes and admires one's self, but that which will produce the effect desired -- sales in the case of advertising and political conviction in the case of propaganda. Because he is able to think, he presumes that his audience is also able to think & thorn; a completely unwarranted assumption. Because he himself is repelled by crudeness and exaggeration, he makes his pitch factual, logical, and usually subtle. In addition to this foolishness, he also forgets that the average man in the street is emotionally assaulted during all his waking hours by advertising brilliantly designed by experts to capture attention through the most powerful kind of psychological impact. The average right wing piece, crowded onto a page, verbose, and dull, is not only not able to win the attention of the average man amid all this competition, but positively repels him.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

NS Principles

Every age on Earth is represented by a name, by an extraordinary figure who appears but once in thousands of years to give mankind a new symbol, a new law to guide and inform its destiny.

The great figure and archetype of our age is Adolf Hitler. At a time of greatest danger to our race, this immortal being was sent to remind us of the eternal laws of life.

The words which this man spoke are the words of life for our race. Without them, there is no hope. Without them, our kind has no future on this planet. Without them, our race is doomed to extinction.

But thanks to His providential appearance in the history of mankind, Adolf Hitler has left us a wonderful legacy. For in both His writings and public utterances, He has disclosed those ordinances and precepts by which we are to live and act.

The foundation stone of Adolf Hitler’s doctrine is represented by His book, Mein Kampf—My Struggle—in which He sets forth the essential tenets of a new faith. And although this work is often mentioned, disputed—indeed, blasphemed—seldom is it read with the insight and perception that true understanding requires.

To make the teachings of Adolf Hitler more accessible to the adherents of our Movement, as well as others, we offer this selection of some of the most relevant and poignant quotations contained in that monumental work. Uppermost in mind in the selection of these quotations has been the need to provide a concise stock of material which can be readily committed to memory as a useful reference and guide in daily life. For convenience, all selections have been grouped into 11 basic categories. Reference numbers given indicate the particular volume and chapter in Mein Kampf where each quotation can be found.

We trust that these inspired words will prove not only instructive, but that they will serve as a source of edification and encouragement, and lead to a new awareness and appreciation of the Leader’s wishes and will for all of Aryan mankind.


NS Principles

The greatest personality, not only of the present century but also of a whole new age which is beginning, is—ADOLF HITLER. The good news is that this extraordinary figure has come back and is very much alive in the world today. The Thousand-Year Reich of which He spoke is not a thing of the past, but something which is yet to come.

To help appreciate the true significance of this most remarkable man and His mission here on Earth, we offer the following testimony:

Adolf Hitler Birthday Quotes

But precisely in this seeming hopelessness of our mighty struggle lies the greatness of our task, as well as the possibility of our success. The battle-cry which either scares away the small spirits from the very start, or soon makes them despair, will be the signal for the rallying of real fighting natures… Only the best fighters will step forward. And in this selection lies the guarantee of success.

Swastika Over Portland

A balloon with a flag bearing the Nazi swastika was spotted in southwest Portland on Saturday.

It’s one of several Nazi flags that have been spotted in recent weeks.

Emergency dispatchers said the latest swastika was spotted on Southwest Ninth Drive near Dolph Court in Portland on Saturday. The flag was flying blocks away from the Beth Israel Jewish Cemetery.

It was attached to a weather balloon.

Similar flags were found near Tigard and Tualatin last month, as well as the Fremont Bridge in Portland.


The Way to Slavery

by Julius Streicher

The Jews never had a homeland or a fatherland. Their origin is as mysterious as that of the Gypsies. We do know this much: The Jews came from the Middle East to Europe through Constantinople and the Iberian Peninsula, where it nears Africa. They have lived among the nations of Europe for many centuries. Their outward appearance and spiritual characteristics quickly distinguished them from the blond, blue-eyed Nordic peoples. The instincts of Nordic blood and bad experiences soon led the European nations to protect themselves from the Jews through legislation. As a foreign people, Jews were prohibited from having a role in the personal lives of the host nations. Particular care was taken to exclude the Jews from any role in government.

The Jews came to Europe with the concealed aim of sooner or later destroying the peoples living there. From the beginning, they worked to eliminate those restrictive laws. They went about it by promoting false ideas. They went so far as to persuade the guest peoples to believe that a Jew could become a Gentile. People began to believe that Jews could become French in France, English in England, Spanish in Spain, Italians in Italy, etc. He who opposed the idea was said to be a barbarian or an enemy of humanity. The revolution the Jews brought about at the end of the 18th century in France and in other nations eliminated these laws or rendering them impotent. The revolutions incited by the Jews in the middle of the 19th century also brought the Jewish plan of emancipation (the elimination of anti-Jewish legislation) closer to reality. The end of the World War brought equality to the Jews in Russia, Germany, and other states. Over the corpses of the greatest and most significant war of the modern era, Pan-Jewry could gloat at winning a victory over the peoples of Europe that World Jewry had dreamed of for centuries.


NS Principles

The National Socialist doctrine incorporates seven principles, which are the basis for all sound human development and progress. These tenets were posited and defined as follows by Lincoln Rockwell upon the revival of the National Socialist movement in the postwar period:

I. We believe that an honest man can never be happy in a naked scramble for material gain and comfort, without some goal which he believes to be greater than himself, and for which he is willing to sacrifice his own egoism. That goal, for us, is the upward struggle of our race and the fight for the common good of our peoples.

II. We believe that society can function successfully, and therefore happily, only as an organism; that all parts benefit when each part performs the function for which it is best suited to produce a unified, single-purpose whole, which is then capable of outperforming any one part, the whole thus vastly increasing the powers of all cooperating parts, and the parts therefore subordinating a part of their freedom to the whole.

III. We believe that man makes genuine progress only when he approaches Nature humbly, and accepts and applies her eternal laws.

IV. We believe that struggle is the vital element of all evolutionary progress and the very essence of life itself.

V. We believe that no man is entitled to the services and products of the labor of his fellow men, unless he contributes at least an equal amount of goods or services of his own production or invention.

VI. We believe that it is to the advantage of society to see that every honest man has the freedom and opportunity to achieve his maximum potential by preserving his health, protecting him from unforeseeable and ruinous catastrophes, educating him to capacity in the areas of his abilities, and guarding him against economic and political exploitation.

VII. We believe that Adolf Hitler was the gift of an inscrutable Providence to a world on the brink of Jewish-Bolshevik catastrophe, and that only the blazing spirit of this heroic man can give us the strength and inspiration to rise from the depths of persecution and hatred, to bring the world a new birth of radiant idealism, realistic peace, international order and social justice for all men.

These seven principles are the rock of our faith. We hold them to be fundamental, absolute, representing timeless truth. They will not change. With them, we shall move the world.

Adolf Hitler Führer