Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Jew as World Parasite

In this war for the very existence of the German people, we must daily remind ourselves that Jewry unleashed this war against us. It makes no difference if the Jew conceals himself as a Bolshevist or a plutocrat, a Freemason, or uses some other form of concealment, or even appears without any mask at all: he always remains the same. He is the one who so agitated and spiritually influenced the peoples that stand against us today such that they have become more or less tools of International Jewry, lacking their own will.

The ways in which the Jew has brought large peoples and states against us has already been made clear in two previous pamphlets, The Fateful Battle in the East and Europe and America. These proved the case for those two states. Both are, therefore, the intellectual predecessors of this pamphlet, The Jew as World Parasite, At the beginning of the war's sixth year, we may not permit ourselves to neglect the Jewish question in any way. First of all, we must always combat the remnants of past education, the once general view, in which Jewry is seen only as a religious denomination. Instead, the racial mixture that is Jewry must be emphasized. The religious beliefs of the the Jews are completely irrelevant. Instead, we must focus solely on blood, on the racial foundation.


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